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Carrot and Dates Cake Recipe

This Carrot and Dates Cake is moist, delicious and rich! Every bite of it is a feast for your tongue 😉 And it is really simple to make as well. The video describes how to prepare tasty and delicious 1Kg Carrot and dates cake at home.

How to Make Easy Eggless Chocolate Brownies

This quick recipe teaches you how to make super soft Eggless chocolate brownies that can be baked in a normal domestic oven.

Jackfruit Seed Curry | Chakkakuru with Irumban Puli (Bilimbi) Recipe

This Chakka kuru Irumban Puli curry/Jackfruit seeds and Bilimbi curry is one of the typical curries in Kerala, India. This curry is mostly made during the summer months when jackfruit and Irumban Puli are available in plenty. Jackfruit seeds cooked with Irumban Puli and coconut mix. This curry has a sour and slightly spicy flavor. […]

Banana Fritters – Pazham Pori – Ethakappam

Pazham Pori is all-time favorite of almost all Malayali’s. Having a cup of tea with the hot crispy Pazham Pori is a nice feeling. Ripe Plantains are used for making this dish, not over ripped plantains. Usually Maida or all-purpose flour, but here Is a healthier version of making Pazham Pori using wheat flour or […]

Ayala Curry – Mackerel Fish Curry Malabar/Kerala Style

Bachelor Special Recipe: A very easy and simple recipe for making delicious Ayala curry (Mackerel Fish).

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