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Prawns Biriyani Recipe

Ayala Curry – Mackerel Fish Curry Malabar/Kerala Style

Bachelor Special Recipe: A very easy and simple recipe for making delicious Ayala curry (Mackerel Fish).

Fish Mango Curry | Meen Manga Curry

The combination of sourness from raw mango, the sweetness from the coconut milk and the spiciness from chilli powder is a lovely one. Meen Manga curry is very tasty and goes well with Appam,Chappati, Porotta, and so on.The curry has to be rested for a while so that the fish absorbs the wonderful flavors.

Fish Biriyani

Any special occasions or celebrations is incomplete without good food . By ¬†good food I meant special dishes.But now a days we ¬†depend mostly on restaurants and hotels for special foods. Why not make a change this time?? Try this tasty and yummy fish biriyani. I promise it will not take much of your time. […]

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