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Unnakkaya/Coconut filled Banana Rolls- a traditional Kerala snack for tea-time

Unnakkaya /Coconut filled banana rolls is a very special snack of northern Kerala especially in Malabar, Kannur and Thalassery. This is a very special snack prepared during Ramzan and iftars( fast breaking ).This snack is very tasty and can be prepared very easily.

Fish Biriyani

Any special occasions or celebrations is incomplete without good food . By  good food I meant special dishes.But now a days we  depend mostly on restaurants and hotels for special foods. Why not make a change this time?? Try this tasty and yummy fish biriyani. I promise it will not take much of your time. […]

Dates Chutney

Dates chutney is a mix of all  tastes sweet,sour and hot ,a perfect side dish for biriyani. This Special dates chutney  is very simple and can be prepared very easily.  Hope you will like it.


Lumpia is of Chinese origin and is commonly found in Indonesia and Philippines.It is a savory snack and can be served as a side dish ,Appetizer, Snack etc..

Bread Sandwich

Unhealthy eating habits invites diseases.And most of the times following a healthy eating habit turn out to be too difficult for most of us. Even if we  know the importance of a good eating habit we still stick on to our old habits. We can make any dish healthy by   doing little adjustments in […]

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