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Banana Bread

Do you have some bananas too brown for regular eating??? One may not feel to eat if the bananas are over ripe or is too brown . And most of the time it results in throwing in trash. In such cases why not transform it into a cake or bread ?? I am sure if we […]

Double Dark Chocolate Cake

I dont know anyone who doesn’t like chocolates.Cakes makes every moment special. Am i rite??? And that too a double dark chocolate cake is simply too special.. Baking a cake for your loved ones may turn the moment even more special.. One cannot think  of birthdays, anniversaries and other special moments without a cake.Now a […]

Chicken Biriyani

Biriyani is undoubtfully the most ordered and liked rice preparations in India.Biriyani comes in many varieties as Chicken biriyani,Mutton biriyani, fish biriyani, vegetable biriyani, egg biriyani and so on….biriyani can be prepared in many ways. A lot of variations are also found in the briyani preparations like malabar ,chettinad, hyderabadi and so on..

Honey Glazed Paneer

Paneer has now become  a common item  on our plate.It is a rich source of milk protein. Paneer can be easily made at home with milk and is completely vegetarian. A variety of dishes can be prepared out of paneer.Paneer butter masala, palak paneer, paneer tikka, mattar paneer and the list goes on. Here i […]

Egg Chutney Kebab

A very simple dish which requires less ingredients and it doesn’t consume much of our time.This can be used as a snack and also can be served during Ramadan season

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