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Banana Pan cake

An easy dish for breakfast or for when you are too tired to make anything .This dish doesnot require much of the ingredients and can be made very quickly.

Bread Sandwich

Unhealthy eating habits invites diseases.And most of the times following a healthy eating habit turn out to be too difficult for most of us. Even if we  know the importance of a good eating habit we still stick on to our old habits. We can make any dish healthy by   doing little adjustments in […]

Palappam/ Vellayappam Recipes

Palappam or Vellayappam is very popular Kerala breakfast. It requires less ingredients as compared to other items. It is very simple to prepare and is healthy too. Appam could be served with side dishes like chicken curry, egg roast, vegetable curry, stew, kadala curry and so on…


Is there any smell for puttu? God knows…, these people who doesnt know the smell also belong to the category of those who eat puttu. One could combine banana with puttu and eat. kadala curry and puttu is a good combination for puttu. Peas curry also goes well with puttu. Potato curry and puttu also […]

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