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Chilly Gobi

Home cooked food is made with love and care,when we cook ourselves we want our food to be perfect for our loved ones. You wont get this in restaurant foods.

Potato Vada

Think about tea-time or a quick snack break, the main glitch that crosses our mind mostly is to prepare a snack that would go with the easy mood. Potato Vadas is a good snack for the tea time.

Chicken puffs

Chicken puffs….a wonderful snack option that you can make by yourself.

Mahagony cake

Hey there…..Dont you love baking????Here is ┬áthe recipes for Mahagony cake!!!Very simple and easy to follow recipes to bake a simple cake:)

Orange Cake Recipe | Home Made Fresh Fruit Cake Without Essence | Easy Tea Time Cake

Bake up a sweet treat with this super tasty and delicious Orange cake. It’s yummy!!!This citrus cake is very tasty and delicious. It brings warmth and so much flavor, the fresh orange juice gives it a light yellow colour.

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