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Squid ( Kanava/ Koonthal )Masala

This is a simple recipes to make Squid Masala.You could also follow the same instructions to make Mussel/ Kallummakaya masala

Chicken fry

  Here is an easy recipe for a tasty chicken fry.This recipes requires less ingredients and is very easy to make.Hope you will enjoy!! It can be used as a side dish, a s a starter, an appetiser and also as a finger food.It is very good dish to munch while watching the TV or […]

Jackfruit/chakka Kumbilappam/Chakka Appam

    Kumbilappam/ chakka appam/ steamed jack fruit dumpling is a seasonal snack of kerala.It is prepared using ripe jackfruit.Koozha chakka is generally  used to make kumbilappam ,since koozha fruit is very soft and almost dissolving.

Mambazha Pulissery

Mambazha pulissery Mambazha pulissery is a sweet and sour curry prepared using ripe mango,curd and coconut.This is one of the traditional dishes of kerela. Usually the small mango (nattu manga) is used to make this mambhazha pulissery,

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