Thinking of what to make  for tea time ? And that to an easy  one which can be prepared without consuming much of your time. Don’t worry here is an easy and tasty recipes that would  make you happy. What about unniyappam?

Kootu Theeyal

This is a very special theeyal prepared using bitter guard ,elephant yam(chena) and shallots.This can be served as a special dish for sadhyas as well.Do try this

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer is one of the most important milk product which is being used by humans as a complete and healthy food.It is a rich source of protien, calcium phosphorous, vitamins and minerals which are required in high proportion for a healthy  growth and development.It is very tasty as well.There are many recipes which can be made out of paneer.Chilly paneer,paneer butter masala, paneer tikka and list goes on…

Beef/Meat Cutlet

Cutlet is a very simple and a very popular snack. It is very easy to make. It is an appetizer, starter as well as a light afternoon snack. Cutlet can be prepared using chicken, mutton, fish as well as with vegetables. It can be kept inside a burger bun and add some tomato sauce and be served as a burger as well .Try this healthy, nutritious and tasty cutlet recipes.

Crab Masala

A dish to certainly saviour taste buds for a hearty meal.
Did you know that the crab is very healthy and a good addition to a balanced diet, as it contains many nutrients coupled with a low fat content ?Crab is an excellent addition to a healthy eating plan

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