Pumpkin Butter Cake

Here is how you can make super moist Pumpkin Butter Cake. The Cake is so moist and the mixture of pumpkin and butter flavour is just amazing. There is no secret and trick as it’s so easy to make. Don’t hesitate just because of that big chunk of butter, I can assure you that there is no regret making this cake. so why wait.. gather the ingredients and start baking…

Happy Baking!!

Orange Bundt Cake Recipe

This Orange Bundt Cake has a soft and moist crumb and is surprisingly easy to make. It’s the perfect anytime cake covered in a simple orange glaze. Blundt Cakes are easy to make they are impressive too. Have you ever tried baking a blunt cake? If not…this is a perfect recipe for you to try .This orange blundt cake is beautiful and the flavour and texture are excellent.

So why you wait. Gather the ingredients and put on your Apron and start baking. I am sure you are going to fall in love with this wonderful Orange Cake.

Happy Baking!!

Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

This Cinnamon Rolls are irresistible .It is very easy to prepare than you think. Homemade cinnamon Rolls with cream cheese frosting is really a treat. You will love how easy it is to prepare this cinnamon rolls and these always disappears fast. This cinnamon rolls just need 2 hours to make and most of the time is the rising time.

Treat yourself with this easy to make cinnamon Rolls and enjoy!!

Happy Baking!!

Dates Marble Cake Recipe

With swirls of tender vanilla and dates cake, this dates marble cake looks fancy but tastes absolutely delicious.Surprisingly, you don’t need two completely different batters to make this dates marble cake. You simply take a third of the vanilla batter and mix it with soaked dates,water and baking soda and that your dates cake batter !

Vanstraw Cake Recipe

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