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Pesaha Appam / Kurisappam and Paal

Pesaha Appam or Kurisappam is the unleavened Passover bread made by the Saint Thomas Christians of Kerala, India to be served on the night of Maundy Thursday. The white-ish Pesaha appam is a firm rice cake. This is Prepared only once in a year.

Banoffee Pie Pudding Recipe

Banoffee Pie Pudding is a sweet dessert made using Bananas, Biscuits, Cream and Toffee . The word Banoffee is the combination of Banana and Toffee. The flavour of toffee combines beautifully with bananas and is absolutely mouth watering desert. It is totally mouth watering and addicting made with buttery biscuit crust and filled with slices […]

Best Fudgy Brownie Recipe

Egg Roast Kerala Style Recipe

Kerala Style Chicken Stew Recipe

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