Brinjal Curry

This is very simple vegetable Curry with most common Brinjal as main ingredient, serve with rice.


1 Brinjal – 1/4 kilo
2 Salt- as required,
Turmeric powder-1/4 small spoon
3. Onion -1 (big in size),
Green chilly-4 nos,
Ginger -1 piece
4. Coconut- half a coconut
5. Coriander powder -1 big spoon,
Chilly powder-1 small spoon,
Pepper powder -1/2 small spoon,
sweet cumin seeds (perum jeerakam) -1 small spoon,
Cinnamon -1 small piece,
Cardamom -2 nos,
Clove -2 nos,
Star anise (thakkolam) -1.
6.Oil -1/2 cup
07. Mustard -1 small spoon,
Dry chilly -1,
Curry leaf – few

• Brinjal should be sliced thin. Each piece should be about one inch long.
• The second set of ingredients should be applied on the slices. Keep it aside for five minutes.
• Heat oil. Fry the slices in heated oil.
• Onion should be sliced into long pieces.
• Green chillies and ginger should be chopped into fine pieces.
• Extract both the thick and thin milk from grated coconut.
• The fifth set of ingredients should be made into a smooth paste.
• Heat oil well. Green chillies, onion and ginger should be sauted well in oil.
• When the onion changes its color, the masala paste should be added to it. When the oil clears, add thin milk and salt.
• When it boils, fried brinjal pieces should be put into it. Stir well.
• When the mix gets boiled again, add the thick milk as well. Stir well.
• Remove from fire before it boils.
• Season mustard in heated oil. Put dry chillies and curry leaves to it. This should then be added to the curry.

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