Kappa Vevichath – Tapioca Seasoned in Grated Coconut

Kappa Vevichath and Fish curry are one of the favorite combinations of Malayalis. Kappa and Meen curry have gained popularity among foreigners as well. This dish is most popular in Toddy shops. Kappa vevichath is prepared by cooking tapioca with grated coconut, shallots, and green chilies.

Drumstick- Tomato Curry | Muringakka – Thakkali Ozhichu Curry

Drumstick and tomato curry is an easy and tasty side dish for rice. This curry is prepared with drumstick and tomato as the main ingredients. Drumsticks are packed with very high nutrient content. Consuming Drumsticks may  help in reducing blood sugar levels, improve digestive health, great for stronger bones, helps to purify the blood,boosts immunity […]

Jackfruit Pradaman | Chakka Pradaman | Kerala Style Jackfruit Payasam Recipe

Jackfruit Pradaman is a traditional Kerala dessert Prepared using Jackfruit preserve, Jaggery, and coconut milk. This is a delicious and flavourful dessert. The jackfruit payasam can also be prepared using fresh jackfruit but in this recipe is prepared using jackfruit preserve. If you have the jackfruit preserve ready you could prepare this payasam very easily. […]

Chakka Varattiyathu | Jackfruit Halwa | Jackfruit Preserve

Chakka Varattiyathu is an authentic and most popular Kerala dish prepared during the jackfruit season. Jackfruit preserve\Jackfruit halwa\Chakka varattiyathu is prepared from ripe jackfruit, ghee, and jaggery. The seeds are removed from jackfruit and are cooked in ghee and jaggery until it reaches a paste or jam-like consistency. You could prepare payasam, unniyappam, Ada,  etc.

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