Elayada | Elayappam-a Traditional Snack

Elayda is an evening snack which is healthy and nutritious. Elayada is one of the famous  traditional dish with coconut and jaggery filling.

Avalose podi/Roasted Rice Powder Snack

Avalose podi/Roasted Rice Powder Snack is a simple snack made with rice flour, coconut,Seasame and jeera. This belongs to the category of snacks which can be prepared before and stored for a long time. Ingredients Raw rice -1 kg Coconut grated- 3 coconuts Cumin Seeds-1/2 tsp Seasame seeds-1/2 tsp Method Soak rice in water for […]

Achappam/Kerala Style Rosette Cookies

Achappam, it’s a fried snack, I like it mildly sweet, but there are sugar coated Achappams too. It’s a traditional Kerala snack, which is now easily available in all bakeries.  

Avalose Unda/Roasted Rice powder Snack-Traditional Kerala Snack

Avalose unda is a nostalgic Kerala snack recipe,made with roasted rice powder & grated coconut that can be made and stored for long.

Pan Cake/Madakku San/Loveletter/Coconut Filled Crepes

Pancake/Madakku San/ Love Letter/Madakku Appam/Coconut filled crepes and the name goes. By the way, what is there in a name? This dish is very simple and can be prepared very easily. This simple pancake is prepared with maida, egg, grated coconut and sugar. You can make a healthier version of this dish by substituting maida […]

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