Potato Stew

Potato stew is prepared by cooking potatoes in onion, green chilies and ginger in coconut paste or coconut milk. This curry goes well with appam, chapati, idiyappam and so on.

Kerala Style Tomato Curry

This spicy, tangy and aromatic tomato curry can be prepared very easily with the readily available ingredients from our kitchen. Enjoy Nadan Tomato curry with steamed rice for lunch.

Drumstick- Tomato Curry | Muringakka – Thakkali Ozhichu Curry

Drumstick and tomato curry is an easy and tasty side dish for rice. This curry is prepared with drumstick and tomato as the main ingredients. Drumsticks are packed with very high nutrient content. Consuming Drumsticks may¬† help in reducing blood sugar levels, improve digestive health, great for stronger bones, helps to purify the blood,boosts immunity […]

Green Peas Curry | Green Peas Masala | Mattar Masala

An easy and simple green peas curry which can be prepared very quickly. This is a very delicious green peas curry where peas is cooked with onion and tomatoes. All the ingredients are cooked together so that you don’t need to roast masalas separately. This curry can be easily prepared if you are in a […]

Fish Mango Curry | Meen Manga Curry

The combination of sourness from raw mango, the sweetness from the coconut milk and the spiciness from chilli powder is a lovely one. Meen Manga curry is very tasty and goes well with Appam,Chappati, Porotta, and so on.The curry has to be rested for a while so that the fish absorbs the wonderful flavors.

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