Jack fruit juice

 Jackfruits are packed with many nutrients that are essential for our body. A variety of dishes can be prepared with jackfruits.Jackfruit shake, jackfruit lassi, halwa,thoran,chakka vevichathu,kumbilappam, elaada,payasam,unnakaya,ladoo, and so on… are a few. Some of these recipes have been posted in Kerala cooking recipes website.Do try these recipes and let me know how you liked […]

Jackfruit Shake | Jackfruit Milk Shake

 Jackfruit shake is prepared using fresh jackfruit and milk. It is really creamy and delicious without any ice cream. This is a very tasty and easy to make milkshake both adults and kids will enjoy. Try out this recipe before the season end. I am sure you would regret for not trying this delicious recipe […]

Jackfruit Lassi

Have you ever tried Jackfruit lassi?? It is a very perfect drink to beat the heat. This is a  very aromatic and delicious drink made from jackfruit. This is a very simple and easy recipe, which can be prepared with the readily available ingredients at home.

Apple shake

This smooth, delicate shake is a great way to beat the hot. A Filling drink which can be made very easily. Kids will surely love this.It’s quite refreshing and filling and gives a quick energy boost, perfect start for morning time! Try out this special Apple shake today.

Sambharam/Morum Vellam/Spiced buttermilk Recipe

The simple and effective drink for summer.Spiced buttermilk is a famous drink during the summer seasons in Kerala.Sambharam, spiced and flavoured buttermlk, is a famous Kerala drink which was traditionally served to guests. It is also served as part of the Kerala Sadya. It is a cool and refreshing drink for hot summer days as […]

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