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Karkidaka Kanji – Marunnu Kanji

Karkidaka kanji is a special recipe during Rainy season. It has many health benefits. People usually prepare Karkidaka Kanji and prepare pathila currikal( curries using ten medicinal leavies) during this season.

Morilla Moru Curry

Morilla moru curry is as same as meen illa meen curry.This dish most popular in Malapuran area in Kerala. The preparation is very easy and can be prepared with readily available ingredients in the kitchen.

Kappa Vevichath – Tapioca Seasoned in Grated Coconut

Kappa Vevichath and Fish curry are one of the favorite combinations of Malayalis. Kappa and Meen curry have gained popularity among foreigners as well. This dish is most popular in Toddy shops. Kappa vevichath is prepared by cooking tapioca with grated coconut, shallots, and green chilies.

Potato Stew

Potato stew is prepared by cooking potatoes in onion, green chilies and ginger in coconut paste or coconut milk. This curry goes well with appam, chapati, idiyappam and so on.

Kerala Style Tomato Curry

This spicy, tangy and aromatic tomato curry can be prepared very easily with the readily available ingredients from our kitchen. Enjoy Nadan Tomato curry with steamed rice for lunch.

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