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Have you ever thought of making noodles on your own at home.

Sweet Rice flakes balls/Sweet Aval balls

Aval/Rice flakes is rich in iron, vitamin B, carbohydrates and proteins. So try to include Aval in your  daily diet.Varieties of dishes can be prepared using rice flakes.Here goes a wonderful sweet dish using aval.

Carrot Candy/ Carrot Mittayi

Carrot candy/carrot mittayi is a delectable  sweet made with grated carrots, ghee, grated coconut and milk. This dessert recipe is loved by people of all ages. This recipes is an easy way to win the hearts of your kids.This candy can also be prepared using beetroot .Here goes the recipes for an easy  and tasty […]

Chocolate Cookies

Cookies are a simple sweet treat that are perfect for any occasion. A very simple and easy way to make cookies.Homemade cookies are more healthier than that of bakeries and other shops.

Banana Pan cake

An easy dish for breakfast or for when you are too tired to make anything .This dish doesnot require much of the ingredients and can be made very quickly.

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